Vector Displacement Brushes

We are taking full advantage of the new vector-support for brushes in ZBrush - which allows you to create incredibly intricate shapes with the stroke of a pen.

Awesome Base Meshes

Including 15 well crafted and generic base meshes - these will serve as a starting point for whatever character you want to create. Simply select the base mesh and start to populate it right away with our vector brushes.

Over 170 Brushes

We are including over 170 hand-sculpted and carefully crafted brushes to satisfy your every creature design need. You can mix and match the brushes together into an unlimited amount of character designs. The FlippedNormals Creature Kit allows you to create stunning designs quicker than ever before.

Made by Industry Veterans

The FlippedNormals Creature Kit has been forged in the fires of high-end VFX for the biggest blockbusters. Frustrated by how much time it took to design creatures and characters, we designed the FlippedNormals Creature Kit - to speed up the work for ourselves and for all of you.

Make Amazing Creatures

We made the FlippedNormals Creature Kit to really make sure that making characters and creatures would be as easy as possible for everyone. If you're a beginner, you will be awed by being able to make shapes you've never been able to create before. As an expert, the design process will speed up significantly.
There are two parts to the kit which we find to be invaluable: The time it takes to make amazing shapes has been sped up significantly, but maybe more importantly - it allows you to create different versions of your design which you'd never think about otherwise. Instead of being able to show your art director one version, you can now present six - in the same amount of time.

Loads of Fun!

With over 170 brushes, you can also experiment with completely different designs and play around with shapes you've never tried before. Ever tried using shark teeth as fingers? Noses as horns? TAILS AS ARMS? Go crazy and have fun!

Try it out

If you want to try out the FlippedNormals Creature Kit, check out our free version!

- FlippedNormals Creature Kit


Software Required

ZBrush 4R8 or 2018

Files Included

Custom ZBrush UI
Installation instructions
171 Brushes - 15 Base Meshes
9 Abstract Brushes
12 Anatomy Brushes
15 Armor Brushes
11 Beak Brushes
13 Breakup Brushes
10 Ear Brushes
11 Eye Brushes
12 Horn Brushes
12 Mouth Brushes
11 Nose Brushes
14 Tooth Brushes
13 Tooth Meshes
10 Tongue Brushes
8 Fur Brushes
10 Tail Brushes

Henning Sanden

Henning Sanden

Co-Founder of FlippedNormals.

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